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Discover and book unique and local travel experiences that have been handpicked for you.

We think everyone should have the opportunity to travel like a local. We want people to truly experience the places that they travel by meeting local communities, savoring cuisines of the region and learning about hidden gems. Thus, we have created a platform that will allow you to book these types of experiences.

We ourselves are avid travelers. We enjoy traveling because it inspires us to better understand ourselves and the communities around us. We hope to help inspire you in the same way through the unique experiences that we have crafted for you! In fact, that’s where our name “Travspire” originates - Travel + Inspire = Travspire!

Who are we?

Travspire is a company that was founded by three individuals who love to travel. We are passionate about providing access to offbeat experiences for travelers.

Travspire is an alumni of the Wharton Venture Initiation Program, the Wharton School's incubator program, and has been awarded funding from the Wharton Innovation Fund.


Favorite destination in India: Ladakh - because of the friendly people and stunning scenery that define the region.

Arjun started traveling as a teenager, making journies all over south India on buses and trains with his family. As soon as he started earning a salary after college, he invested in a second hand car and traveled all over north India. Since then, his hunger for travel has only grown and he has become more interested in photography as a way to document his travels.

Arjun was born and raised in Udipi, Karnataka. He previously worked at Synopsys as a physical design specialist in a pre-sales role and at Freescale as a design engineer. He graduated from the Manipal Insitute of Technology with a Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications.



Favorite destination in India: Kolkata - because of the city’s “chilled out” vibe and the delicious cuisine.

First the fun stuff! While Ami does not always like living out of a suitcase, she does like to travel because it throws her out of her comfort zone and allows her to understand how other cultures live. Her favorite travel destination, out of all of her travels up until this point, has been Jamaica because of the beautiful beaches and the friendly locals. In fact, her favorite thing to do when she travels is to strike up a conversation with a local person from the area.

Ami was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She previously worked at Elevar Equity in Bangalore, India, and Cedarview Capital and JPMorgan in New York. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Wellesley College and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania



Favorite destination in India: Kerala - for the amazing scenery, friendly people and delicious seafood.

Satya loves food and travel and got the travel bug during college. She has traveled to over 20 countries, her favorite destinations being Italy (amazing food and charm!) and Istanbul (an incredible intersection of the new and old worlds). She loves to discover local hidden gems through exploring and tasting the authentic cuisine of each place, and stays away from traditional tours.

Satya was born near Hyderabad, India, and raised in Sydney, Australia. She previously worked at Morgan Stanley and UBS in Sydney. She has a double degree in Economics & Law from the University of Sydney and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.