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5 Reasons you should visit Hampi

Classic Hampi Heritage
Read moreThere is more to Hampi than just the ruins. Here are 5 strong reasons why you should consider a visit to Hampi

5 Invaluable things Ancient India gave to the world

Read moreThroughout its 7000 year old history India has provided the world its riches, however India’s contribution to science and technology have been always overlooked. These contributions have become so much a part of our daily lives that we've taken them for granted. In this article we look at some of the invaluable contribution to science from ancient India.

5 seasonal fruits of India every traveller should try

Read more In india we are fortunate to have a variety of fruits available to us, if you are travelling to India you must try one of these seasonal fruits available here.

How to find local experiences when you travel?

Read moreThere is no clear formulae for finding local experiences. An open mind, curiosity and keen observation can be very helpful. Sometimes it happens by chance and other times you have to work towards it.

A guide to India’s tea producing regions...and its tea!

Read moreCurrently the world’s second largest producer of tea, India is home to a range of distinct tea regions. We explore four main regions – Assam, Darjeeling, Munnar and the Nilgiris - and the taste of their teas

Never Mind the Bumps: My Love of the Highways of India

Read moreI have no limit to how long I can stare out of a window and be entertained by watching the world drift by; every moment is a new place, a new angle on the world and a new trigger for the imagination. And within my chosen art-form there is no doubt that the highways of India are world-class masters of their art.

A Weekend in Jaisalmer

Read moreI've been to Jaisalmer twice now, the first time I stayed for a weekend and the second time for a whole week! It is that kind of place, makes you want to come again and stay longer.

A Weekend in Hampi

Read moreHampi is not only home to a plethora of ruins now marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but boasts beautiful scenery and breathtaking views, an unmistakable mythological past and some of the most friendly locals I have met throughout India

Festivals of India - Ganesh Chaturthi

Read moreAs a visitor or a traveller, your best chance of participating in Ganesh chaturthi are public pandals erected by local communities. The pandals are adorned with elaborate decorations, often the decorations have themes and reflect social issues or current events

Blue City

Read moreThe city of Jodhpur was a spiritual experience, the kind hippie expats like Steve Jobs chased after in the 70''s. When you find yourself drenched in a water-fight during the festival of Holi, snaking through the passageways of Mehrangarh Fort, and finally stumbling upon a sprawling canvas of deep blue homes as far as the eye can see...when you find yourself experiencing all those things, this city will carve out a space in your heart as well.

Top 5 reasons you should travel to Coorg

Read moreKodagu, also known by its anglicised name of Coorg, is a beautiful region nestled amongst the western ghats in Karnataka, India. Within driving distance of major cities like Mysore and Bangalore, this area is a major draw for leisure travellers.

A Weekend in Hyderabad

Read moreHyderabad has somehow found a way to reinvent itself in some way every time I visit. The city is itself has two contrasting landscapes, dotted with mosques, bazaars and monuments through Old City on the one hand, yet filled with skyscrapers and sprawling malls through Hitec City on the other. The result is a diversity in culture, architecture and food that is so unique in India.

Kochi Travel Guide

Read moreFor centuries the Arab, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, British and Portuguese traders have followed the sea route to Kerala and have left an indelible impression on the history and culture of the region. This illustrious history has resulted in a unique blend of art, architecture and cuisine in the region. Nowhere is this more evident and in full display than the charming town of Kochi.

Scootering around Goa

Read moreRelatively empty streets and freedom to roam from town-to-town, beach-to-beach? I loved my scooter tour of India’s quietest state: Goa

Interview with Benjamine Oberoi

Read moreOriginally from France, Benjamine moved to India over thirty years ago and settled in Bangalore with her husband. She now runs Casa Piccola Cottage, an affordable heritage hotel located in the heart of Bangalore, and founded the Casa Foundation, which supports local NGOs

The Joy of India

Read more"..an abundance of energy, charm and colour doesn’t fully explain the joy of India for me. There are other countries that have these things. No, India has something extra, something that no other country I’ve ever set foot in has. It’s what sets India apart but it’s also something quite intangible .."

Yoga adventures in Dharamsala

Read more“Vinyasa is like these mala beads here,” the yoga instructor said, holding up a set of Hindu prayer beads, “Think of each bead as an asana. Your breath is like the string tying them all together. People so often focus on the static poses when it’s the transitions into and out of the postures that really count.” I thought about this concept—not just as it applied to my yoga practice, but as it applied to my entire time in India. We so often focus on the destination, building a travel itinerary that jumps from one world heritage site to another, giving little thought to how we get there or what we do along the way.

Interview with The Yoga House

Read moreRun by Ajit Tapaswi and Maud Chuffart, The Yoga House is a little oasis in the middle of bustling Bangalore where you can learn yoga, enjoy delicious healthy food, buy products sourced from the villages of India…or just find peace.

A day in Delhi – a foodie’s paradise

Read moreIt’s a privilege visiting places with friends that are local – it opens your eyes to another side of a place that is not privy to guidebooks or tours. In my case, being exposed to favourite food of locals in Delhi really changed my impression of city. I will no doubt return for another gluttonous excursion.

In search of the toddy shop

Read more...The most memorable travel experiences are those transcendent moments when we’re able to see and experience the world in a new way. When we’re given access to an entirely new perspective. Visiting the toddy shop was one of those moments...

My favorite day in Goa!

Read more.. we arrived on a totally secluded island that had one of the most pristine beaches that I had ever seen. He dropped us off here and we swam and sunbathed for the entire afternoon. It felt like we were privy to one of Goa’s treasures that day ...

Udupi for a REAL vacation

Read moreA real vacation is one where you’re falling asleep and waking up to the sound of waves crashing in the ocean with no beeping interruption. It’s where your hardest decision of the day is what variety of mango do I eat?

Hampi's connection with the epic Ramayana

Anjanadri Hill
Read moreHampi and surrounding villages have strong mythological association with the great Indian epic Ramayana. This area is believed to be the place "Kishkinda" mentioned in the epic.

Interview with Mridula D

Read moreMridula D, India's most followed travel blogger, juggles her travel addiction and blogging with a full time job and a daughter! "I cannot sleep if I do not blog that day"

A Weekend in Bangalore

Read moreA bustling cosmopolitan hub, Bangalore is considered home by those from all walks of life – from Kannadigas that have lived here for generations to expats that have moved here for a fleeting couple of years for work

Yoga class on the beach in Goa!

Read moreWouldn't you want to start every morning like this...or just one?

Bangalore's local food

Read moreCities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata are famous for their street food. What would you do in Bangalore? Want to explore Bangalore's own street food?