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Bangalore Temple Tour – Religion, Spirituality & Art


6 Hours


Bangalore, Karnataka

group size:

2 - 8

INR 5000 per person

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Did you know that oldest known building or a structure made of rocks built for religious use is from 3rd Century BCE in the Mauryan period? It was a shrine commissioned by Ashoka the Great and contains relics of Buddha.  On this Bangalore Temple tour learn how Indian temple architecture evolved from these Stupas to beautiful and intricate rock temples of today. Learn how the dravidian (South Indian) temple architecture evolved into distinct styles in India and spread to other countries such as Cambodia (Angkor Wat), Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Temples are also cultural hubs in India. Artforms such as classical music and dance came from Temple traditions.  Going to a temple is a cultural experience! Get an understanding of what it means to visit a temple, the rituals performed and symbolism involved. Understand the basic tenets of the Hindu belief system and how it has been influenced by other religions over years.

Bengaluru (Bangalore) as a city has 480 years of illustrious history, but the area has had settlements that predates that. The area’s location is very central in South Indian peninsula and probably served as a highway connecting several ancient cities.  Due to its strategic importance different dynasties of South India have tried to control this territory and have a presence. Presence of these settlements are evident from numerous old temples in the area, the oldest being from 9th Century.

On this Bangalore temple tour we will visit 3 beautiful temples, each unique in its architecture and significance. If time permits we will also visit the Government museum that houses several Hero Stones (Veeragallu) and exquisite temple sculptures from Chola, Hoysala, Pallava, Ganga and Vijayanagara periods.  We will have sumptuous South Indian breakfast and filter coffee at a famous local place too.

When can I go?

7.00 AM - 1.00 PM

Experience Highlights

  • Visit Bangalore's Chola period temple - Ulsoor Someshwara
  • Visit Bangalore oldest rock-cut temple - Gavi Gangadeshwara
  • Visit 9th Century Nageshwara Temple in Begur
  • Enjoy South Indian breakfast and filter coffee at a favourite local spot
  • Learn about Architecture, Cultural traditions, Rituals and Spirituality


  • Pickup/Drop from your hotel within Central Bengaluru
  • South Indian Breakfast and Filter Coffee
  • Experienced Guide
  • Entry Fee wherever applicable

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