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Stories from the Epic Ramayana narrated by a local in Hampi


5- 6 Hours


Hampi, Karnataka

group size:

4 - 8

INR 2,500 per person

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Hampi and surrounding villages have a strong association with the great Indian epic Ramayana. This is the area that is believed to be “Kishkinda” mentioned in the epic. Immerse yourself in a guided tour of Kishkinda led a by a local, who narrates fascinating incidents from Ramayana that occurred in Kishkinda.

In fourth chapter or Kanda of Ramayana, Prince Rama comes to Kishkinda in search of his wife Sita who was abducted. Here Rama and his brother Lakshmana  meet Hanuman, who leads them to Sugreeva, the ousted king of Kishkinda and brother of Vali.  Sugreeva takes Rama to a nearby cave where he has hidden jewellery that Sita dropped as she was being abducted by Ravana, the king of Lanka. Rama kills Vali and restores the throne to Sugreeva, who in return agrees to help Rama find his wife Sita.  Later Rama along with Sugreeva and his army of Vanaras wage war against Ravana of Lanka to free Sita.

Many of the places mentioned the Kishkinda kanda are found in the area.  Pampa Sarovara where Rama met old woman Shabari who adviced him to seek Hanuman is north of the river Tungabhadra. A short walk from there is the Rishyamukha hills where Hanuman is said to have met Rama for the very first time.  Anjanadri hill that is believed to be birth place of Hanuman is also set to the north of the river. Other places mentioned in the epic such as Matunga hill,  Sugreeva’s cave, and Malyavanta hill are all located in the vicinity.

Here he meets Hanuman, the warrior monkey, and Sugreeva, who helps Rama find his wife. On this tour we will be visiting different locations in Kishkinda associated with the epic and narrate the relevant parts of the story.

When can I go?

Starting 6.00 AM everyday of the week.

The tour starts at the foothills of Anjaandri hill and ends at Chintamani.

Pickup and Drop off: Hampi

Experience Highlights

  • Experience spectacular sunrise views from Anjanadri hill
  • Explore caves, temples and hilltops associated with the epic Ramayana
  • Take a coracle boat ride across the river Tunga

Detailed Itinerary

Start the day early just before sunrise by climbing up the Anjanadri hill. This hilltop is believed to be the birth place of Hanuman, one of the key characters in the Ramayana. Enjoy a simple south Indian breakfast at a local shop.
After breakfast, we will walk through Hanumanahalli village and reach Rishimukh, the place where Prince Rama was believed to have first met Hanuman. We continue the day by visiting various places such as Kodandarama temple, Sugreeva’s cave and Malyavanta hill. We then cross the river Tunga by boat to finish the tour at the Chintamani temple in Anegundi.

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