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Village Tour of Anegundi and surrounding areas


6 Hours


Hampi, Karnataka

group size:

2 - 8

INR 3,500 per person

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There are some 27 villages within the World Heritage Site of Hampi, few of them fall within the core zone like model village of Anegundi. People living in these settlements are an essential part of the site and therefore anything rooted by these local communities add to the cultural significance of the place. While most travellers explore the monuments of Hampi, few stay on to explore and experience the villages around Hampi.  Come join us on a guided Village tour of Anegundi and surrounding villages, where you have opportunity to meet and interact with locals, participate in seasonal agricultural activities and explore the countryside on mopeds or bullockcarts.

Anegundi is the amongst the best preserved suburban centres of Vijayanagara. The history of which spans longer than its capital Hampi itself. It was an important fortified town in pre-Vijayanagara times. It still serves as residence of a local line of Rajas who are believed to be descendants of Vijayanagara emperors.  The town preserves many traditional houses with wooden pillars, mud-clad walls and flat plastered roofs. In the middle is the palace complex of Anegundi rajas. The village life in Anegundi is charming, and is one of the main attractions of the place.  Anegundi is also believed to be the kingdom of Kishkindha mentioned in the epic Ramayana.

On this tour we bring you an opportunity to experience the life in these villages. Participate in seasonal farming activities, whether it is planting paddy or harvesting sugarcane – get your hands soiled and learn about the agricultural practices still in use here. Learn about the different crops planted here and the reasons for that choice. Visit a farmers family for chai and interact with them freely. And the best way to do this is on mopeds as we meander through the beautiful country side and village roads. You could optionally usebullock carts too if we have a minimum of 4 people.  Lunch will be served in a picnic spot next to some pre-historic paintings.


When can I go?

Daily starting 10.00 AM

Experience Highlights

  • Visit temples, old palace and houses in the village
  • Soak in the village's laid back atmosphere and visit a local family for tea
  • Explore beautiful countryside and farmlands on mopeds, stop by and visit farmers
  • Enjoy delicious lunch picnic at a scenic spot The meal is home cooked by a family using fresh ingredients available locally.

Detailed Itinerary

Meet your guide at the entrance of Anegundi village at 10.00 AM.  After a brief introduction we commence with a walking tour of Anegundi village.  We will stop

If you are interested we can arrange delicious lunch at a scenic location for an additional charge of  Rs 750 per person. The lunch will be prepared by a local family using fresh ingredients and  vegetables that sourced locally.

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