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Never Mind the Bumps: My Love of the Highways of India

Read moreI have no limit to how long I can stare out of a window and be entertained by watching the world drift by; every moment is a new place, a new angle on the world and a new trigger for the imagination. And within my chosen art-form there is no doubt that the highways of India are world-class masters of their art.

Scootering around Goa

Read moreRelatively empty streets and freedom to roam from town-to-town, beach-to-beach? I loved my scooter tour of India’s quietest state: Goa

The Joy of India

Read more"..an abundance of energy, charm and colour doesn’t fully explain the joy of India for me. There are other countries that have these things. No, India has something extra, something that no other country I’ve ever set foot in has. It’s what sets India apart but it’s also something quite intangible .."

Udupi for a REAL vacation

Read moreA real vacation is one where you’re falling asleep and waking up to the sound of waves crashing in the ocean with no beeping interruption. It’s where your hardest decision of the day is what variety of mango do I eat?