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Today, Krishnadevaraya is remembered as an iconic ruler of South India. He lives on in the memories of people through the many works of literature, cinema, poetry, plays and folktales dedicated to his life. He is remember not just for the prowess on the battlefield or the splendour of his vast empire but also because he led us through a period of renaissance that left a lasting impact on the cultural ethos of South India. Join us as we visit important events and places that shaped his life and in turn learn how he shaped all of ours.



For pilgrims to Hampi the most important aspect of the site is the association with various myths and legends. Many of the granite hills, caves and boulders of the Tungabhadra valley are linked with these stories, which are still very much alive and attract a steady procession of devotees. Come with us on a journey through the landscape of  Hampi, as we narrate stories drawn from RamayanaSthala Puranas & the local folklore. With help of sculptures, art and the landscape of Hampi, we will bring these stories alive on this virtual tour. 

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Hampi through eyes of an expert

Come on a journey of discovery and exploration of UNESCO world heritage site of Hampi. This is a trip for history buffs who are not afraid of an adventure. See parts of Hampi very few have seen, get a deep dive into Archeological & anthropological studies of Hampi. Piece together the history of Hampi as we visit some of its famous sites.

Culinary exploration of Karavali

Join us on a exploratory journey of Karavali & Udupi cuisine. Enter traditional kitchens and see how the magic happens. Visit local markets and learn where the ingredients come from. Forage for rare ingredients from the forest and home gardens. Visit the temple kitchen that gave birth to Udupi Cuisine and savour the divine food. Hear stories behind popular local dishes and engage with elders from local communities.