Krishnadeva Raya

In the footsteps of south india's greatest king

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Suitable for all ages. Heritage & History enthusiasts.

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Today Krishnadevaraya is remembered as an iconic king of South India, not only because of his prowess on the battlefield or the splendour of this empire, but also because he led us through a cultural renaissance that left a lasting impact on the cultural ethos of South India.

He won every single battle he fought and unified the whole of south India under his banner. His two-decade reign from 1509 to 1529 falls in what scholars call the early modern period, a precipice of world history when new global networks were being forged, cultures merged and cultures clashed, this was a time before European colonialism took its hold. Krishnadevaraya thus represents a critical transformation from ancient king to modern politician. He had to confront very modern problems such as building international alliances and negotiating overseas trade deals while grappling with the challenges of globalism and multiculturalism. The Deccan of his time was a place where Hindus and Muslims, north Indians and south Indians, Persians and Portuguese, all intermingled as they made their lives and fortunes. This cultural Dynamism also inspired Krishnadevaraya to look back at India’s past and reflect on her histories and traditions. As a philosopher-King who was also a celebrated poet in his own right, he presided over an Indian renaissance, when ancient texts and traditions were reinvigorated and infused with a fresh and modern vitality.

Come with us on a virtual journey as we follow in the footsteps of the legendary raya. Meet all the important people in his life, ones that influenced his decisions and shaped him. Get an eyewitness account of one of the greatest battles fought on Indian soil, one that involved war elephants, thunderous war drums, matchlock muskets guns, artillery cannons, trebuchets, horse cavalry and courageous heros. See the wondrous structures and work of art that was built during his reign. What did the Raya look like? What inspired him? What was his key contribution in literature, music, dance and other art forms?  Get answers to these and many other questions you’ve always had about Vijayanagara Empire & its greatest King, as an expert takes your through an immersive journey through medieval India. 


Content Covered

  • Daily life at the Capital City in 1500s
  • Details eyewitness like account of Battle of Raichur
  • Relationships & Influences in the life of Raya
  • Contribution to the Arts & Literature 
  • Festival Celebrations 
  • Building of Temples, Courtly Structures, Tanks and Canals 


  • Account of Medieval Travellers – Portuguese & Persian
  • Translated telugu literary sources like Rayacamakavu & Amuktamalyada
  • Archival images & sketches from British Library
  • Documentation from International Institute for Art, Culture & Democracy
  • Publications of Deccan Heritage Foundation
  • A Forgotten Empire by Robert Sewell
  • Raya by Srinivas Reddy
  • Rebel Sultans by Manu S Pillai
  • A History of South India by Nilakanta Sastri

Immersive Content

  • Live narration by the speaker
  • Use of 360° images for virtual walkthroughs 
  • Satellite Images with 3D views using Google Earth 
  • Question and Answer session 
  • Archival Images artifacts & places 
  • Videos, Images & Slides used to aid the narration produced for this tour
  • Scanned high quality images of fresco paintings 
  • Archival footage drawn from documentaries 


Arjun Bhat

An electronics engineer by education, he quit his job in semiconductor industry to follow his passion in travel & tourism. In 2013 he founded Travspire to offer offbeat & local travel experiences of India. Since then he has worked on community based responsible tourism and educational tour initiatives. He has been curating & leading tours all over South India for the past 8 years.

Focus Areas:  South Indian History & Heritage, Dravidian Temple Architecture

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