The Legends of Hampi


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For pilgrims to Hampi the most important aspect of the site is the association with various myths and legends. Many of the granite hills, caves and boulders of the Tungabhadra valley are linked with these stories, which are still very much alive and attract a steady procession of devotees. Come with us on a journey through the landscape of  Hampi, as we narrate stories drawn from Ramayana, Sthala Puranas & the local folklore. With help of sculptures, art and the landscape of Hampi, we will bring these stories alive on this virtual tour. 


Long before Hampi became the capital city of one of India’s greatest empires, it was a place of pilgrimage. In fact the entire region was then known as Pampa-Kshetra, named after the patron goddess Pampa. The story of Pampambika‘s wedding to Virupaksha is what gives this place its name & importance. We will visit areas around Hemakoota hill, Pampa Sarovara & Virupaksha temple complex as we narrate this story.  


Hampi & its surrounding villages are believed to be Kishkinda, the kingdom of Vanara King Vali. The fourth chapter of Valmiki Ramayana deals with the stories that occur at Kishkindha. According to the story, Rama and Lakshmana arrived in Kishkindha in search of Sita, who had been carried off in a flying chariot by Ravana, the king of the demons. Together with help of Hanuman, Sugreeva & Warriors of Monkey Kingdom, Rama is then able to locate Sita & wage war against Ravana. Many of the places associated with different events and characters from Kishkindha Kanda in the mythical landscape of Hampi.  We will visit several of these places and narrate select stories of Kishkindha on this tour. 


Creating legends around Kings and Kingdoms was a common practice in India.  These legends were used to justify the rule of a dynasty or a King, to clarify their lineages and sometimes to show the King as larger than life and beyond reach of any challengers to the throne.  Vijayanagara has many such interesting legends, on this virtual tour we will explore some of them including the founding myth of Vijayanagara City. 


Immersive Content

  • Live narration by the speaker
  • Use of 360° images for virtual walkthroughs 
  • Satellite Images with 3D views using Google Earth 
  • Question and Answer session 
  • Archival Images artifacts & places 
  • Videos, Images & Slides used to aid the narration produced for this tour
  • Scanned high quality images of fresco paintings 


  • Archival images & sketches from British Library
  • Documentation from International Institute for Art, Culture & Democracy
  • Publications of Deccan Heritage Foundation
  • Penn Museum – Vijayanagara Research Project
  • A Forgotten Empire by Robert Sewell
  • Raya by Srinivas Reddy
  • Rebel Sultans by Manu S Pillai
  • A History of South India by Nilakanta Sastri


Arjun Bhat

An electronics engineer by education, he quit his job in semiconductor industry to follow his passion in travel & tourism. In 2013 he founded Travspire to offer offbeat & local travel experiences of India. Since then he has worked on community based responsible tourism and educational tour initiatives. He has been curating & leading tours all over South India for the past 8 years.

Focus Areas:  South Indian History & Heritage, Dravidian Temple Architecture

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