Swaad Anusaar


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What if I tell you that a humble Indian spice changed the course of World History in a decisive way?  Or what if I tell you that American obsession with Coffee is related to the Indian Tea?  Or that in India, we’ve been eating some form of Tandoori chicken for at least 5000 years!  Hear these and other fascinating stories on our upcoming virtual tour.  Learn about different food cultures of India.  What are some truly Indian dishes or ingredients? Which dishes or ingredients came to india through trade?  What did our ancestors eat and how did they cook their food? 


Arjun Bhat

Entrepreneur, Educator, Tedx Speaker, Cycling Enthusiast & Student of History

For the past 8 years, Arjun has been curating & executing immersive tours all around South India. He is invited to speak on topics related to travel, cultural heritage & responsible tourism. 

In 2012 he quit his corporate job to pursue his passion in travel and founded Travspire Tours. The mission was to offer unique and local experiences to travellers, the kind of experiences that would change their perspectives and shape their world views. He founded Explore Hampi Tours in 2014 to promote community based local tourism at Hampi. Today it provides employment and income opportunities to over 24 families through its various tours showcasing the heritage, culture, wildlife, adventure activities & artforms of Hampi.  In 2016 he started curating & executing immersive experiences for school children with innovative plans like “The Young Archaeologist Program” and “Multicultural Kerala”. 

In 2020 most of the tourism Industry is in dire straits due to the pandemic. Travspire tours hasn’t been able to operate regular tours since mid-march of 2020. The virtual tours are one of ways they are trying to innovate & keep the dream alive. Afterall, Arjun & his team have been storytelling for years on their tours. Today with these virtual tours they continue to tell interesting stories of India, in a new and exciting format! 

Focus Areas:  South Indian History & Heritage, Dravidian Temple Architecture

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